Vernon, BC
16 acres
Residential Land, Commercial Land, Commercial Development, Resort Development
Land Acquired: 2019
Zoning and Subdivision: Planned for 2023

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Port Okanagan, or The Port, is a new community located in a unique area on the waterfront of Okanagan Lake. This area is identified in the City of Vernon’s Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre Plan as a new and significant development along Lakeshore Drive adjacent to Lakeshore Park and Beach.

This mixed-use village-style development may contain retail stores and various types of residential housing such as condominiums and rental apartments. In addition, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, and other stores will help shape the development. To complement this site and the entire area, a resort-type vision is planned, which includes a high-end hotel. This lake-front development has the potential to be a hub of activity for those living and visiting Vernon and the North Okanagan area.

The Port is named such as it was in this area where the roads, rail, and ships all met. People would come by train and then board large paddle-wheelers to travel down Okanagan Lake. It was a gathering place 100 years ago, and will be again soon. The Port contains approximately 8 acres of wetlands and creeks and is adjacent to Okanagan Lake.  Much of the development plan is to not only retain but enhance the wetlands so it is sustainable for fish, wildlife and natural fauna.

Currently, Avillia is finalizing the studies and approvals required to proceed with land development. In 2022, the City of Vernon passed the third reading of our proposed development, bringing us closer to making The Port a reality. Once all approvals are received, the development of the land will commence – this includes grading, wetland enhancements, installing underground services and upgrading roads. Once the land development is complete, the remaining 8 acres will be subdivided into parcels – yet all will remain part of the village. These subdivided parcels include the resort hotel, commercial spaces and also parcels suitable for multi-family condo and apartment builders/developers to purchase and build upon.

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