Avillia manages this process from start to finish or works with clients on any of the pieces in between. Our broad skill set means that Avillia excels in our own projects and in supporting other development opportunities. Over the years, we have refined and redefined our development systems and processes which allow us to continue to deliver successful projects.

Avillia offers services and expertise in the following areas:

Land Development

Developing a piece of land is more than just deciding where each building should go. It involves extensive due diligence, planning the layout, and integrating it with the surrounding neighbourhoods and environment. Working closely with municipalities to obtain approvals and consulting with the community to ensure the development will meet their needs and bring value are also important steps. Once that is all in place and the dirt begins to move, community formation occurs through utility servicing, putting in roads, pathways, and play spaces, and finally, landscaping.

Avillia works closely with carefully selected homebuilders and commercial developers as they build and sell the homes and commercial spaces, and ultimately welcome residents, tenants and users home to the new community.

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Resort Development

Hotel resort development is a complex and collaborative process involving investors /owners, developers, and hotel operators. Avillia leads this process to develop a resort that appeals to both end-users and all parties involved.

Commercial Development

The development of commercial spaces is a complex process involving planning, design, construction, and leasing. Avillia’s goal when creating commercial spaces is to offer value to tenants, vendors and end-users.

Project Management

Avillia works with a variety of partners, acting as Project Manager on developments and handling the day to day management and execution of a project.


Avillia can support and advise in any area of a land development project for private or public clients.

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